Circuit breakers protect your Austin home from dangerous electrical circuit overloads and short circuiting:

Remedy electrical service company specializes in residential electric wiring, safety and repairs.

Your home’s safety relies on your circuit breakers to detect and prevent electrical overloads and short circuits. Our certified electricians can inspect, repair, and replace your breakers. Circuit breakers that trip frequently need troubleshooting and should be repaired to remedy this dangerous situation.

Need more electrical outlets or the ability to run more electrical appliances? We can upgrade your home’s electrical capacity with additional circuits and breakers to allow you to add more outlets and to run more electrical appliances. Greater safety, greater convenience – how comforting!

Circuit breaker repair, troubleshooting and installation:

Main circuit breakers
Branch circuit breakers
Circuit breaker installation and replacement
Add more circuits and breakers
Troubleshoot problem breakers that trip frequently
Electrical panel repairs and upgrades
220 volt circuit additions
Fuse box-to-circuit breaker upgrades
All makes and models

Complete home electrical services:

Arc fault protection
Ground fault circuit interruption
Electrical safety inspections
Lighting, switch and dimmer installation
Ceiling fans
All electrical repairs, installs and upgrades

Panel Repairs and Circuit Breaker Replacements
Circuit breakers, if working correctly, protect circuits from direct shorts, overloading or overworking. If your circuit breaker trips, you need to ask yourself if you could be overworking the circuit. Is there an electric heater plugged in, or a hair dryer, or another heavy usage item? A given circuit may only be rated for 1800 watts and if you plug in a 1500 watt hair dryer, this does not leave much room for any other items to be used on the circuit.  

Circuit breakers protect your home's electrical system. CALL TODAY 512-250-5414.

Main Breaker
Circuit Breakers
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